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Sports concussions and brain injuries are huge news these days. We’ve all seen the headlines, from three NFL quarterbacks being sidelined with concussions in one weekend and the league facing hundreds of lawsuits from former players to medical experts advocating measures such as limiting contact football for kids under 14, or banning the game entirely.  No wonder concern has escalated among coaches, parents, teachers and school administrators about the importance of preventing concussions and immediately dealing with these injuries when they occur.

There’s been a lot of discourse about helmet safety, pads, player contact and the treatment of concussions, particularly those impacting high school and middle school athletes. But in all of this debate, not much has been said about the role of playing surfaces in preventing concussions – even though head-to-surface injuries are one of the four major impact areas in which athletes experience brain injuries.  And no matter what sports kids play – football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse – the playing field is the one piece of “equipment” they all share.

That’s why we started Safer Sports from the Ground Up.  Our community outreach effort raises awareness about the impact of playing surfaces in preventing concussions and other injuries. We’ll spotlight industry leaders and share the latest news, thinking and best practices for keeping young athletes safer while enjoying the sports they love.

Safer Sports from the Ground Up is sponsored by Brock International, who pioneered the first synthetic turf safety and drainage layer engineered specifically for young athletes.  Brock PowerBase Youth Safety Research (YSR) is the only product of its kind scaled to the ideal footing requirements and safety of high school and middle school athletes. The company’s PowerBase technology, used underneath over 25 million square feet of synthetic turf fields worldwide, has been proven to decrease G-max, which may reduce the risk and severity of concussion, and injuries with hips, elbows and knees from high impacts of the body on the surface.  Brock has helped enhance player safety at hundreds of high schools and middle schools nationwide, as well as for top NCAA schools like Boston College, Georgia Tech, Stanford and Boise State and NFL teams including the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers.

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Safety Contest
Holy Innocents’ Episcopalian School in Atlanta, Georgia Won $5,000 Worth of Sports Equipment in the Brock Safety MVP National Contest!
When the game clock hits zero and the final buzzer sounds, all that’s left are the stats. But win or lose, each team names one most valuable player for the game. What if safety was named the MVP in every game? What if safety was as important to each player as winning?

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