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Participate in national study about female athletes and concussions

While men’s football concussions are in the headlines daily from former and current players, there’s rarely news about how concussions are impacting female athletes. Recognizing that their experiences are being overlooked, advocacy group Pink Concussions and Clemson University researchers have launched a national study of female athletes and concussions – and you can help.

Though mainstream media doesn’t often focus on female athletes, they experience a significant number of concussions. In fact, data from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Position Statement: Concussion in Sport 2012 suggested that in sports with similar rules, female athletes sustain more concussions than their male counterparts. In addition, female athletes experience or report a higher number and severity of symptoms as well as a longer duration of recovery than male athletes in several studies.

Running from October 1 through October 31, this new study will be focused on female athletes from all sports, and their past and present experiences with concussions. Current and former female athletes worldwide, aged 18 and over, are eligible to participate. The online study takes 20 minutes to complete, and asks participants about their experiences with sports and non-sport concussions, and reporting concussions. If you would like to participate, here is the survey sign-up form and you can visit to learn more.

The results of this survey will help further concussion research by focusing on the communicative element present in this issue, which is helpful for athletes, parents, administrators, physicians, and advocates. This research will also be beneficial in shedding light on female athletes’ experiences with concussions and reporting concussions, and concussion advocates in raising more awareness.

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